Cooperation scheme

Dear Potential Partner,

We thank you for your interest in our company and are ready to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation.

We want to share the algorithm of our relationship so that you can more fully appreciate the possibilities of cooperation with our company.

Information about cooperation options:

For a partner:

For a representative:

The first step is to study the information sent about our cooperation options and the company's website.

Further, we invite you to fill out a form with information on our website so that we can more fully understand who you want to be - a representative or a partner.

Contact form:

After filling out the form, you can ask us any questions that you have while studying the information, please indicate some of the questions and suggestions when filling out the contact form.

Then we plan negotiations with the management of our company in Zoom or WhatsUp and agree on the place and time of a personal meeting.

After a personal meeting and discussion of details, we sign a cooperation agreement and start work.

In order to provide an understanding of the processes that must be completed before starting work with the market, we suggest that you conduct market research on the market and search for information on the Internet, catalogs, and the media.

We also ask you to enter in the attached database profile companies whose activities coincide with solar energy.

Next, you need to study and enter into the table trading and service companies, analyze prices and enter information on prices for similar products.

After that, you inform our company about prices and potential customers, agree on prices for commercial offers, send offers to a selected database of potential consumers and receive applications with orders that you send to us for order picking and delivery.

In addition, you conclude supply contracts and control delivery and payment.

The company works at open purchase prices and, together with a partner, forms a trade margin for a local buyer.

After the sale of the goods, the parties distribute the profit at the rate of 50/50.



In the field of installation and maintenance.

A separate line of business is the direction associated with installation and customer service.

It is advisable to discuss this direction after a certain experience gained from the trading direction and the accumulated client portfolio.

Database Format Example

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